Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


At Oasis Academy Longmeadow we are enthusiastic about the importance of home learning. To be able to fully understand and retain new information and knowledge, our young people will need to practice and further their skills at home. We encourage our parents and carers to spend time with their child each day talking about what they learned at school, and motivating them to complete their homework in a timely manner. 

All classes will be set homework on Friday to be returned to the Class teachers no later than Thursday of the following week.

Each Thursday every class will have a spelling test.

Your child will also bring home a reading book which we would like a family member to hear them read every day.

All students have a logon to SUMDOG (a maths based program). Please check with class teachers for further information.

The topics of homework you can expect your child to be doing in each year group are as follows:



Class 1 & 2 – Reception

Reading book

Phonic practice

Topic Activities

Class 3 – Year 1


Reading book

Phonic practice

Activities grid – choice of literacy, numeracy, spellings and topic

Class 4 – Year 2

Rotation of Literacy & Numeracy


Reading book

Phonic practice

Class 5 – Year 3 & 4


Numeracy                  Rotation of all 3 areas


Class 6 – Year 5 & 6


Maths problem solving

Weekly spelling

Reading challenges