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How to Apply

Oasis Academy Longmeadow operates a fully inclusive admissions policy.

Students admitted to the academy are allocated places in accordance with the local authority’s Admissions Policy. Further information can be found on the Wiltshire Council website.

Please visit the Wiltshire Council website by clicking here to apply for a place at our school.

Please click here to view  our Admission Arrangements for 2019_2020

Please click here to view our Admission Arrangements for 2020_2021

Please click here to view our Admission Arrangements for 2021_2022 

Consultation took place between Monday 16th December 2019 and Friday 24th January 2020 on the proposed admission arrangements for 2021 to 2022.

Consultation included notifying parents and all local primary schools in the surrounding area by email and sending out an Admission leaflet.

There were no objections received following consultation and the proposed arrangements for 2021-2022 have now been formally determined by the Oasis Community Learning Board.

Following the determination of the arrangements, any objections must be made to the Schools Adjudicator through their website: www.gov.uk/government/publications/objection-to-school-admission-arrangements

Objections to admission arrangements for entry in September 2021 must be referred to the Adjudicator by 15 May 2020 as stated in the School Admissions Code.



Want to pay us a visit?

We always welcome visitors at our Academy and  would be pleased to arrange a time and date that suits you. Please contact the admissions officer via the school office.

T: 01225 355 511

E: admin@oasislongmeadow.org