Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


We take pride in each and every one of our pupils at the academy, and know that they are equally proud to be wearing their academy badge on their uniforms. 

Please read this guidance, alongside the Oasis National Uniform Policy - which outlines responsibilities held by the academy, parents/carers and students. You can also access this policy through our Policies page. 

Why do we have a uniform?

We recognise the value of having academy uniforms for the following reasons:

  • Inclusion – uniforms promote our belief of inclusion for all
  • A sense of belonging – the uniform promotes a sense of belonging in each student, academy and the Trust
  • Safety – if all the students in our Trust wear a clearly recognisable, correctly branded uniform it is easy to identify strangers in the academy. On the way to and from the academy it also affords a degree of safety as the students are part of a large body of young people who will look out for each other
  • Preparation for the future – many jobs require staff to wear a uniform and even if there isn’t a uniform there is often a dress code. Uniform helps young people get used to dressing to a prescribed standard. It also helps them know the difference between formal and informal dress
  • Value for money – good quality uniform should be seen as effective value for money by most parents / carers
  • Relieves students from fashion ‘stress’ – a localised academy uniform eliminates the stress placed on students to purchase and wear expensive, fashionable items
  • A sense of pride – we all feel proud of our young people when they are well dressed in the uniform. Uniform and PE/sport kits also help students to demonstrate pride in their academy
  • Helps raise aspirations – the smarter you feel the more you believe you can achieve

Uniform Suppliers

The Academy works with the uniform provider MyClothing.  

You are able to purchase all uniform items, from school jumpers and fleeces to PE shorts and tops. 

You can find a link to their website here.

If you need further assistance please contact us.

Reception to Year 6

General Uniform

  • Blue polo shirt 
  • Red sweatshirt (with academy logo)
  • Black/Grey shorts, trousers or skirts
  • Black or white socks/tights
  • Smart black shoes - please no trainers
  • Blue or red gingham dresses can be worn in the summer
  • School book bag 

PE Kit

  • T- shirt in house colour for PE 
  • Black PE shorts or tracksuit bottoms for PE
  • Black PE shoes
  • PE Kit bag 
  • A pair of trainers will be required for outdoor PE 

Jewellery & Personal Belongings

Stud earings and watches are the only permitted jewellery on site. Pupils wearing any other items, such as hoop or long earings, rings, or bracelets will be asked to remove them. 

Please do not send you children to the Academy with personal belongings other than those required for study. Mobile phones will be confiscated and any games devices brought in for break times should be done with caution. The school accepts no responsibility for lost items. 

Physical Education

For safety reasons, all jewellery should be removed for all PE activities and long hair should be tied up. If students are unable to remove jewellery, it should be covered with tape

Religious items

Some students may wish to wear distinctive garments for religious reasons. Please refer to the OCL uniform policy for guidance or speak to the Academy Principal for more information.

Second Hand Uniform

To ensure that uniforms are affordable for everyone and to reduce our carbon footprint, we regularly arrange afterschool events to acquire items that have kindly been donated. If you would like to view these at other times please see the office staff. 

Uniform costs and support

The Academy takes the cost of the uniform seriously, and works hard to ensure that those items that are required can be purchased for a reasonable price that provides good value.

If any parents are concerned about the cost of uniform items, please contact Mr John Bullen, Headteacher or the school office team so we can explore what support is available.