Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Attendance and Absence

We emphasise the importance of full attendance at school. Even a few days off can have a significant impact on a child's achievement. 

If a child has to be off for an unavoidable reason, parents are requested to telephone the school by 8.30am to let us know and give a valid reason.

It is very important that children arrive at school on time. If children are even a few minutes late they will have missed key learning time for core skills such as reading, spelling and number facts. Registers close at 9.00 and any child who arrives after this point will be marked late. 

We work closely with Wiltshire Council's Education Welfare Service to support full attendance in school. We also celebrate the efforts of children who attend school every day through a range of weekly and termly prizes. 


During the Academy day if, at any time, you feel unwell or have an accident you must inform a teacher straight away. If you require medical treatment your teacher will provide you with an exit note to go and see the academy nurse. Here they will assess your condition and make a decision whether or not you can remain in the academy. If you are being sent home, then the academy will contact your parent/carer to make suitable arrangements.


If you need to take any form of medication at the academy you need to bring a letter from your parent/carer explaining what the medication is for and when you need to take it. You will also need to show the medication in its original box or bottle to the Academy Medical Officer. Lastly, all medication should be taken in the presence of the Academy Medical Officer or a designated First Aider.


The law requires that, once a child is on the academy's register, they should be sent to the school every day that it is open.  There is no right to time off for holidays and these will not be authorised. 

If parents/carers are considering a holiday during term time, for whatever reason, this must be discussed with the Principal well in advance of any bookings being made.  A leave of absence form must be filled in.


Please click here to download a form or collect from the school office.


Authorised leave will only be granted in Exceptional Circumstances at the  Principal’s discretion.